Shedwatoon 24: Agency Vending Machine

This cartoon is the twenty-fourth in a weekly series drawn by a talented illustrator named Victoria Levan. Check back each Friday for a new Shedwatoon.



Sony Bravia Play-Doh Teases

Oh man...the newest Sony Bravia ad is one step closer to seeing the light of day. This teaser was released for the spot, called Play-Doh. It features 200 rabbits and one giant 30ft rabbit. The spot was shot in New York, and the glimpse of the stop-motion animation looks awesome. The full spot will be released October 5th. Can't freakin' wait.

P.S. I just bought one a Sony Bravia tv and it is just as amazing as the commercials make it out to be.


Nyquil Ads are Tiring

Very nice job on these Nyquil ads. Good idea and good execution. Do you think they found a giant spoon or a tiny bed?

Agency: Publicis, New York
Art Director: James Rothwell
Copywriter: Shawn Gauthier



Get Into a New Box with IntoTheBox.tv

Here's an interesting site for anyone in the New York City real estate market right now. IntoTheBox.tv has lots of videos, pictures and information to help you find that dream deluxe apartment in the sky. I recently had an all-around good experience finding a new place in Manhattan, but I was lucky. I definitely would have wanted to check out this site had I known about it then.

The site seems pretty new, but has a nice design and a few cool features, like a spot to upload pics of your neighborhood for others to get a feel for the area. There is a collection of daily video casts that cover much of what you need to know when looking for a place in the city. They also have lots of links to relevant NYC real estate sites.


Citroën Car Rubik's Cube

Wow..that's a pretty cool concept. I think that ride should be engineered, built and added to the shiny, new Coney Island.

Agency: H, Suresnes, France
Creative Director: Gilbert Scher
Art Director: Philippe Rachel
Copywriter: Eric Galmard
Director: No Brain
Production Company: Cosa
Agency Producer: Ingrid Vasseur
Sound Production: Kouz Production


Hugo XX and XY Work Nicely in the 70s

This is a pretty great long-format commercial for two new scents, the fragrance Hugo XX for men and XY for women. I love the 1970s theme of a National Geographic animal mating show. Very entertaining and nice job to keep the product out until the tag at the very end. Nice art direction as well. Great work.

Director: Tryan George
Production Company: Believe Media
Producer: Jennifer Crossett
Creative Director: Glenn Porter


Heinz Beanz are Bulliez

Haha...oh those crazy Heinz creatives making me laugh this morning.

Agency: Leo Burnett, London, United Kingdom
Executive Creative Director: Jim Thornton
Creative Director: Jim Thornton, David Beverly
Art Directors: Rob Tenconi, Mark Franklin
Copywriters: Mark Franklin, Rob Tenconi
Photographer: Howard McAlpine
Retoucher: Mike Warren



Free Kayaking on the Hudson is Fun

I recently found out that there is free kayaking on the Hudson River along the Upper West Side, very close to my new apartment. So, today my girlfriend and I took advantage of the amazing weather and took to the water. The kayak was free for 20 minute intervals. It was a lot of fun and something different to do in New York City. The free kayaking is located on the Hudson River at 72nd Street and operates on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am - 5pm. I highly recommend any adventurous New Yorkers get into the free kayaks on the Hudson.

By the way, this is one of the few times I've ever posted a photo of myself on the blog. Don't know why I don't like to post them, but enjoy the kayaking action shot while you can.


Shedwatoon 23: Company Gift Closet

This cartoon is the twenty-third in a weekly series drawn by a talented illustrator named Victoria Levan. Check back each Friday for a new Shedwatoon.


Your Electronics and Junk Food are Monsters

These are funny. I like the use of all the wires and gadgets. They are especially fitting for me today, as my cable and internet was finally installed in my new apartment last night, and my new TV is being wall-mounted tomorrow. It's scary how much time I'm gonna be spending inside. The only issue I have with these ads is that they don't really make me want to explore the great outdoors. They just remind me of all the good times I've had in front of my TV and XBox 360.

Agency: MacLaren McCann Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Mike Meadus
Art Directors: Kelsey Horne & Brad Connell
Copywriters: Nicolle Pittman & Mike Meadus
Photographer: Jason Stang



Forget Advertising and Go Work at Starbucks

Advertising isn't for everyone. It's not even for everyone who currently works in advertising. Advertising will pick you up and throw you down. You'll meet people you may grow to hate and work longer nights than you thought possible. If you're thinking about entering the circus that we call advertising, you had better love it. If you've already made the leap and are sorry you did, then here is a pretty great story. It will show you that there is light at the other end of that tunnel they call long copy.

Michael Gates Gill was once a creative director at JWT. He now serves coffee at a Starbucks and couldn't be happier about his place in life. His story has recently been turned into a book and will probably be made into a major motion picture one day. You can read a brief article on how he went from big shot copywriter to grande latte server over at The New York Times online. I found it very interesting and inspirational. Enjoy it, then get your ass back to work on those billboards that were due yesterday!


Durex Performa Delays

Haha...that is a pretty great commercial. Funny, simple and makes a point. The sound effects are great too. Nice work.

Agency: McCann-Erickson Communications House, Macclesfield, UK


Gisele Bundchen Gets All Wet for Sandals

These ads are pretty nice for G2B Sandals. I'm not sure how they are advertising sandals, but what the hell. It's freakin' Gisele Bundchen drenched in nothing but water. Nice Photoshop work on that water, but I'd rather see the photographs without the water dress.

UPDATE: Now with the TV commercial.
UPDATE: Now with another TV commercial and credits.

Agency: W/Brasil, Brazil
Creative Director: Rui Branquinho
Writer: Rui Branquinho
Art director: Celso Alfieri
Account Department: Sheila Farah, Fernanda Knijnik
Planning Department: Newton Nagumo, Flávia Campos
Production Company: Conspiração Filmes
Directed by Andrucha Waddington
Photography Direction: Ricardo Della Rosa
Sound: YB / Mauricio Tagliari
Installation: Bit.fall de Julius Popp


Kolin LCD Has a Shit Load of Colors

These are pretty cool. A good idea to show how many colors these TVs really have. Copy reads, "The Kolin LCD with colours. Watch and learn. With its exclusive "IDEA" chip Kolin LCD meets your expectations of colour and more." Enlarge the photos to appreciate the detail.

Agency: Bates Taiwan, Taipei
Creative Directors: Richard Yu, Ronny Hsu, Lion Tsai
Copywriters: Lion Tsai, Echo Shao
Art Directors: Richard Yu, Ronny Hsu, Boonseng Lim
Illustrators: Boonseng Lim, Kyo Chen


Across the Universe Review

Last night I checked out a new movie that features entirely songs by The Beatles. It's called Across the Universe. Being a huge Beatles fan, I was pretty pumped to see this flick, but I had read a bad review in Time Out New York and was a little unsure going in.

The movie would have disappointed me if I hadn't had read the bad review, but as it was I was entertained and enjoyed all of the great Beatles tunes. The plot brought to life key figures of The Beatles lyrics, such as Jude, Lucy, Maxwell, Prudence and Sadie. In the style of a musical, the movie followed the times of the 1960s and 70s, touching on the Vietnam War and the Psychedelic Era. The group of friends finds and loses love, gets caught up in the rock scenes of the time and come full circle.

Across the Universe was a nice artsy piece filled with stunning visuals and trippy LSD inspired effects. If you like musicals, over the top productions and The Beatles, you will love this movie. If you know nothing about John, Paul, George and Ringo then you probably will have a little trouble getting into it. But, check it out and judge for yourself.


Shedwatoon 22: Agency Gatherings

This cartoon is the twenty-second in a weekly series drawn by a talented illustrator named Victoria Levan. Check back each Friday for a new Shedwatoon.



Hipster Olympics Hit Williamsburg

Haha...anyone whose lived in, or is familiar with Williamsburg, Brooklyn will find this video hilarious. I just moved out of The Burg, but this was a nice nostalgic look back at my old 'hood.

Dogs Stay by Your Side No Matter What

I like the illustration style in these. The perspective was a good idea too. Copy reads, "A dog never lets you down. Adopt one."

Agency: DM9 DDB, Brazil



Durex Ties their Condoms in Knots

Wow...well I guess these Durex ads put a whole new image in mind when it comes to balloon animals. You can always count on condom ads for a good chuckle at work.

Agency: Ogilvy RedCard, Singapore
Creative Director: Paul Anderson
Art Director: Elyn Wong
Copywriter: Jo Collings


The Upper West Side is Burning

So I get off the subway on the Upper West Side by my new apartment after work yesterday to find dark, black smoke pouring out of a nearby building. The apartment where the fire seemed to be was on the fourth floor of a five-story building located on W 85th St at Broadway. I was one of the first to stand and gawk up at the scene, even before police and firemen arrived at about 6:30PM. It didn't take long for them to show up, though. Tons of firetrucks and ambulances were there in minutes, but thankfully it seemed that nobody was inside the building. Crowds of people gathered on the street corners to stare as firemen broke out windows and battled the blaze. Just as the smoke seemed to be diminishing, a woman came up to the scene being held by a man on each arm (shown below). She appeared to be the owner of the apartment and kept saying, "That's my apartment. I wasn't even cooking."

It was a little scary to see such a sight so close to home, let alone on September 11th. Let's just hope nobody was hurt and minimal damage was done to the building.

September 11, 2007

The September 11th anniversary has come and passed yet again. This is the view I had of the World Trade Center lights last night from my apartment on the Upper West Side. A little different than my view of them last year.


Matchbox Loves Dandylions

Haha...very nice. Nice play on the palm trees of L.A. (which I just so happened to see a few weeks ago).

Creative: Adriano Silva


Get Some Guitar Lessons and Your Rock Posters Will Look Better

I really like these. The idea of playing with the classic Woodstock poster is great. Copy reads, "Guitar lessons for beginners. Roots Revival Society. Call at 4818462065." Very nice work.

Agency: Euro RSCG, Delhi, India
Creative Director: Mani Jayaram
Art Directors: Aastha Seth, Navajyoti Pegu
Copywriter: Navajyoti Pegu
Illustrator: Aastha Seth

Michelle Rodriguez Sighting

Last night, I hit up a block party down on the Lower East Side. It was a ton of fun dancing and drinking in the streets. The DJ for some of the event was Michelle Rodriguez, of The Fast and The Furious and DUI fame. She blended right into the crowd, dancing and drinking till she couldn't feel feelings. It's things like this that make me fall in love with New York City all over again.


Dewar's New Ads Have an Old Look

Here's a sort of different approach to outdoor advertising. This ad was painted on an exterior wall in Williamsburg. It's an ad for Dewar's, an alcohol brand, but painted to look like an old ad. There was another one near by, with different art work, but in the same style. I like them.

A Park Sprouts Up in Williamsburg

I just moved out of WIlliamsburg, but before I did I checked out a new park that has opened in the area. Located at the corner of N. 8th St and Kent Ave is a nice little park that allows you to walk right down to the East River and take in some amazing views of the Manhattan skyline. Before the park was officially there, people used to climb through fences to get down to that area. It's a great place to watch the sun go down over the city. I definitely recommend checking it out.


Shedwatoon 21: Moving

This cartoon is the twenty-first in a weekly series drawn by a talented illustrator named Victoria Levan. Check back each Friday for a new Shedwatoon.


Absorbent Tampons are Dangerous

This is an ad for O.B., a tampon brand. Copy reads, "Very very absorbent." A little too absorbent if you ask me. What if a little kid was in that pool? Someone could get sucked right into that thing.


Mr. Clean Is So Clean It Confuses

Simple and sweet. I'm not sure if Mr. Clean cleaned the floor so well you can eat off eat, or he cleaned the glass plate so well you can't even see it, but nice work either way.

Agency: The fabric, France


Moving Equals Lack of Posts

Sorry to everyone for the lack of posts lately. I've been in the process of moving into Manhattan for the last week, and haven't had much time or internet access. On the upside, I've moved into my new place and the computer is all set up. Now I just have to wait two short weeks for Time Warner Cable to come and install my internet. Stay tuned.


Your Pets are Dirty, Stinking Bugs

Ugghhh...these are gross and make me squirm. Reminds me all too much of some NYC apartments I've been in. Copy reads, "Part of the family?" I think these do a good job of scaring people enough to call NG 3000 Pest Controls. I also find it disturbing that there is a photography credit for these ads. Did they actually hold a photo shoot for those damn bugs?

Agency: Publicis Venezuela
V.P. Creative Director: German White
Creative Director / Art Director: Demian Campos
Copywriter: German White, Douglas Rios
Photographer: Latinstock Venezuela



Head Up Styling Gel Gets It Right

The art direction in these ads is great. And the copy along with the tagline, "There's a lot to live up to." is great as well. Nice work.