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Plex iPhone App Puts All My Media in My Pocket

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I use Plex on my HTPC.  Now, I want to share a bit about the Plex iPhone App, which I also use.

Plex pulls together all of your media on your computer into one application.  The Plex iPhone App pushes all of that media to your mobile device.  It's great to have 100% of my media collection with me at all times.  I really enjoy using the Plex App to watch one of my movies or TV shows while I'm waiting for a flight at the airport, or on a treadmill at the gym.  Depending on the strength of your internet or cell connection, your video quality may fall below your personally acceptable standards, but in my experience the quality is more than fine 9 times out of 10.


Plex: My HTPC Media Application

I have a very large media collection.  I'm a sucker for movies on DVD and TV shows on DVD.  I also have a giant photo collection, along with lots of home movies.  I'm also a hyper-organizer.  Given all of that, last year I put together a fully equipped home theater personal computer (HTPC) to house my media collection.  A HTPC is simply a computer that is connected to some sort of large monitor, such as a TV or projector.  The computer houses all of your media, as well as offers other great things such as video chatting and game playing.

In this post, I'll discuss Plex, the program that I use to access and navigate all of my media on my HTPC.  Plex pulls together all of your movies, TV shows, home videos, music and photography into one application with a great user interface.  It compliments your media with fan art, ratings, descriptions and more from popular online databases.  The result is an easy to use, visually impressive experience for experiencing your media.


Back to the Future iPhone Wallpaper

Feeling like it was time for a change to my iPhone wallpaper, I came up with this new Back to the Future wallpaper.  The lock screen wallpaper is from Back to the Future: The Game. Now every time I use my phone, I feel like I'm commanding the Delorean.  All I need is a time machine app to take me to 1955.

Download this Back to the Future iPhone wallpaper.


Design Your Own Apps with iPad Stencils and iPhone Sketch Pads

I've never attempted to design an iPhone or iPad app, but I theorize these stencils and sketch pads would come in handy. UI Stencils has a line of sketch pads and stencil kits intended to aid in the process of conceptualizing and creating iPhone and iPad apps.  Given the time of year, these would make great gifts for any iPhone, iPad, Mac or technology enthusiast.

Regardless whether I would use these for their intended purpose, I think they look completely awesome.  The company has really thought through the design of these tools as well, including pixel measurements across the top of the stencils, as well as the physical locations of important device features, such as the mute button.  Very cool.




Moleskine Covers for iPhone and iPad

I love Moleskine notebooks and I love the iPhone and iPad, so why not combine the two?  Recently introduced are the Moleskine covers for iPhone and iPad. I love that the covers include paper pads within the covers, rather than just wrap the Moleskin material around the devices.  Pre-orders are currently being accepted on Amazon for the iPad cover and iPhone cover.



Remembering Michael Jackson: A Wallpaper for Your iPhone

In remembrance of Michael Jackson, who passed away a year ago today, here's a beautiful piece of MJ inspired wallpaper artwork for your iPhone.


Awesome Remote Wallpaper for iPhone or iPad

I just came across this awesome remote wallpaper for the iPhone or iPad. I'm happy to say that I've reduced the remotes in my life to just two, but I still love this artwork.