The Upper West Side is Burning

So I get off the subway on the Upper West Side by my new apartment after work yesterday to find dark, black smoke pouring out of a nearby building. The apartment where the fire seemed to be was on the fourth floor of a five-story building located on W 85th St at Broadway. I was one of the first to stand and gawk up at the scene, even before police and firemen arrived at about 6:30PM. It didn't take long for them to show up, though. Tons of firetrucks and ambulances were there in minutes, but thankfully it seemed that nobody was inside the building. Crowds of people gathered on the street corners to stare as firemen broke out windows and battled the blaze. Just as the smoke seemed to be diminishing, a woman came up to the scene being held by a man on each arm (shown below). She appeared to be the owner of the apartment and kept saying, "That's my apartment. I wasn't even cooking."

It was a little scary to see such a sight so close to home, let alone on September 11th. Let's just hope nobody was hurt and minimal damage was done to the building.

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