Forget Advertising and Go Work at Starbucks

Advertising isn't for everyone. It's not even for everyone who currently works in advertising. Advertising will pick you up and throw you down. You'll meet people you may grow to hate and work longer nights than you thought possible. If you're thinking about entering the circus that we call advertising, you had better love it. If you've already made the leap and are sorry you did, then here is a pretty great story. It will show you that there is light at the other end of that tunnel they call long copy.

Michael Gates Gill was once a creative director at JWT. He now serves coffee at a Starbucks and couldn't be happier about his place in life. His story has recently been turned into a book and will probably be made into a major motion picture one day. You can read a brief article on how he went from big shot copywriter to grande latte server over at The New York Times online. I found it very interesting and inspirational. Enjoy it, then get your ass back to work on those billboards that were due yesterday!

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