Shedwatoon 20: CD Home for Labor Day

This cartoon is the twentieth in a weekly series drawn by a talented illustrator named Victoria Levan. Check back each Friday for a new Shedwatoon.



Hands Get Painted for uShaka Marine World

These are pretty cool. The ads aren't that great, but the awesome hand art makes up for it.

Agency: DraftFCB, Durban, South Africa
Creative Director: Juan Scott
Deputy Creative Director: James Dodd
Art Director: Felix Schmitz
Copywriter: Brandon Govender
Illustrator: Christeen Grant
Photographer: Patrick McGee


Pussycat Dolls Strap on Some Shoes

Here's a pretty hot U.K. Deichmann shoe ad featuring The Pussycat Dolls. Probably didn't take much to come up with this one, but when you have hot celebrity endorsers, it rarely does.


Weight Watchers Turns Elevator into Giant Scale

Wow...this is one of the better guerrilla attempts I've ever seen. These stickers were placed in elevators to show the floor numbers as the changing weights of passengers. Just imagine someone who is already self-conscious of their weight having to watch that. I think it would definitely leave an impression and motivate someone to get on a diet.

Agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium
Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson, Dirk Domen
Copywriter: Kristof Snels
Art Director: Sebastien De Valck
Designer: Niki Desiron


CIBC Run for the Cure Asks Who You're Running With

These ads for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation are kinda sad, but they get the job done. Nice to see a little creativity going into such a worthy cause.

Agency: Cundari Group, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Fred Roberts
Art Director: Mike Dietrich
Copywriter: Tim Das
Photographer: Chris Gordaneer
Media Director: Anne Wood


Even Betty's Ads are Ugly

Ha...funny ad. Glad to see a TV show getting a little creative.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Mike O’Sullivan
Creative Group Heads: Rob Beamish, Hilary Badger
Copywriter: Dave Mygind
Art Director: Debs Gerrard
Photography: Mat Baker



The Thing Banksy Hates Most About Advertising

Here's something for all you ad heads to ponder over the weekend. Banksy is arguably the most famous graffiti artist, and I tend to agree with him.


Shedwatoon 19: Hiring a Junior

This cartoon is the nineteenth in a weekly series drawn by a talented illustrator named Victoria Levan. Check back each Friday for a new Shedwatoon.


A Camera to Capture that Sly Shark Grin

Haha...what a simple, silly little commercial. I kinda like it though.

Agency: Springer & Jacoby, Germany



Hero Hayden Gets a Milk Mustache

Here's one of the latest in the long running Milk mustache campaign. This one features Heroes star Hayden Panettiere.

C.A.L. Cargo Air Lines is Flexible

I like these. The rubber band is a great way to show that you have lots of flexibility in various areas. The only problem I have with these is that the rubber band really has nothing to do with the brand, C.A.L. Cargo Air Lines. If rubber bands were a big part of their business, then these ads would be great, but as is they are just alright.

Agency: Yeoshua/TBWA, Israel
Creative VP: Itai Herman
Creative Manager: Edo Kariv
Art Director: Ziv Almog
Copywriter: Edo Kariv


Superbad is Supergood

I checked out Superbad last night with a couple friends. Just about every living thing I had talked to in the past week said it was hilarious, so I knew going in that I was gonna get my $11 worth of laughs and I wasn't disappointed. The movie was funny from beginning to end.

The plot line was simple, a couple of high school kids trying to get beer and be the heroes of a party, so it was easy to just get lost in the insanity and enjoy the ride. What also made the movie enjoyable was that basically all of the cast was virtually unknown actors, so you didn't have to watch the same Hollywood comedian do his same normal types of jokes and acts. It was all fresh, with a bunch of great one liners and unexpected craziness. I definitely recommend Superbad to anyone who wants to relive their teenage years a little bit and have a few laughs.



Mariah Looks Great and Smells Good Too

Because every celebrity deserves to smell like themselves, Mariah Carey has launched her own perfume called M. This is supposedly the ad for it. She's looking great, but the whole cloud water reflection thing throws me off. She just needs to bring the whole comeback full circle and pose for Playboy already.


NOW Magazine Paints It On the Wall

These ads are for NOW Magazine, an urban weekly in Toronto. I don't particularly love the idea or the headlines, but the art direction I like a lot.

Agency: Smith Roberts Creative Communications, Toronto, ON, Canada
Creative Directors: Malcolm Roberts, Arthur Shah
Art Director: Greg Kouts
Copywriter: Arthur Shah



These White Teeth are Smart

Kind of cheesy, but I guess it works. Copy reads, "For bright, white teeth."

Agency: BBDO Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Theodosis Papanikolaou
Art Director: David Kaneen
Copywriter: Dafne Patrikiou


Animated Cavemen Love Milk

I freakin' love these. The animation is great, the stories are funny and they even have a message. Great gosh darn work. See more below.

Director: Ruairi Robinson


Roger Clemens Drops a Call

This is a funny commercial. The whole Cingular dropped call campaign is pretty good, but I like this new real life twist. For those of you not addicted to Yankees baseball, as I am, this is pitcher Roger Clemens in the spot. He came out of retirement earlier this season to join the Yankees. Great work.

Drinkin at Water Taxi Beach

Saturday night I checked out Water Taxi Beach with some friends. Water Taxi Beach is a beer garden type place in Long Island City, Queens. It's operated by the New York Water Taxi and is located right along the East River.

We got there a little late, but it was still a lot of fun. Admission was $3 and beers were $6 each. There was sand throughout the entire outdoor area, and great views of the Manhattan skyline. The place was pretty empty, but I think it was only because we got there after 1AM. I suggest getting there earlier in the evening and watching the sun set over Manhattan while throwing a few back with good friends. I'm definitely gonna head back sometime soon.

In Guatemala Money Falls On Your Lap

These are fun. Copy reads, "10,000 grand will fall to you. Al Chilazo!" Simple idea and the visuals bring it to life. I love the smiling face on the money.

Agency: TBWA, Guatemala
Creative Director: Luis Felipe Asteguieta T. "Tigui"
Art Directors: Caja Digital, Marlene Rendón
Copywriters: Chalí, Michael Alfaro
Illustrators: Caja Digital / Polotronix
Photographer: Caja Digital
Additional credits: Daphne Jaeger



Heidi Klum Gets Into a Pair of Jordache

What can I say? I'm a sucker for ads featuring celebrities. These Jordache ads show a nipple Photoshoped topless Heidi Klum.



Bongo Keeps Rolling Out Vanessa Minnillo Ads

Here are the new Bongo ads featuring Vanessa Minnillo. You can check out all of the previous hotness here.


Shedwatoon 18: Work Schedule

This cartoon is the eighteenth in a weekly series drawn by a talented illustrator named Victoria Levan. Check back each Friday for a new Shedwatoon.



WWF Says There are Bubbles in Our Future

These WWF ads are nice. Copy reads, "If we don't stop global warming, nature will."

Agency: Ogilvy, South Africa
Art Director: Prabashan Pather
Copywriter: Wendy Moorcroft
Creative Directors: Chris Gotz, Ryan Reed
Illustrator: Jean-Paul Van Der Mescht
Photographer: Justin Patrick


When Viral Video Goes Too Far

Watch the news clip above, and then continue reading below.

By now I hope you've realized that this is a viral ad and you can customize it to include any body's name and a personal message. I'm usually a big fan of customizable viral advertising attempts. They are usually fun, interactive and in a way bring people together. This one for the TV series Dexter, however, has a different feel. It came up with a few coworkers today, and we after sending a few around, it brought up a few questions. Not everyone got the joke and some were even offended to see their name written in blood.

This video was done so well, that it does feel real and scare you. What if this video reached someone who wasn't aware that things like this could be fake, and called the police in fear that she was on a serial killers list? Or what if life imitated art and someone used these things to plan their own serial killer hit list?

I think this was a perfect viral effort for the show it's advertising, but I also think the producers should have that a little about the moral issues with it and the repercussions it could cause. What do you think?


Coke's Happiness Factory the Movie

Here it is. The second Coke Happiness Factory spot. It debuted in Second Life yesterday, and has been making waves ever since. Enjoy the long format story. If you just can't get enough Happiness Factory, then check out some original character sketches, storyboards and the mockumentary.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam
Animation: Psyop
Producers: Sandy Reay, Mariya Shikher
Directors: Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick
Music: Kate Gibson

Britney Spears Perfume Ad is Magical

Yea, sure that is really Britney Spears' body. Maybe the perfume, once used, turns your white-trashy, post-pregnancy flab into the body of a hot 18 year old. Or maybe some stock photography model doesn't realize she has the body of hot Britney Spears.



NRDC Draws a Few Good Ads

These NRDC ads are pretty nice. I like the lines and the art direction with the simple drawings. Tagline reads, "The best defence is not offence."

Art Director: Alex Daff
Copywriters: Voldemars Dudums, Mihnea Gheorghiu
Illustrator: Roberts Kulenko


Egypt with Commercials

Copy reads, "Watch Egypt without comercials." I like what this ad is trying to do, but the visual actually makes it look like Egypt with commercials. Not exactly the message they are trying to convey. This idea may have worked much better as an outdoor lenticular. As you walked past, the ad would disappear and the view of Egypt with the message would appear.

Agency: BBDO Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador
Creative Directors: Ignacio Gomez, Dennis Chinchilla
Art Director / Illustrator: Guillermo Valverde
Copywriter: Dennis Chinchilla



Fresh Wild Goes Banana Hunting

This is kind of a dumb ad, and I can't even grasp what it is actually for, but I think it's kinda funny.

Agency: Advantage, Windhoek, Namibia
Creative Directors: Johan de Jager, Henning Du Toit
Photographer: Henning Du Toit


Buffalo Wild Wings Look Great

These ads aren't ground breaking, but they have good headlines and nice art direction. Good, solid work.

Agency: 22 Squared, Tampa
Creative Directors: James Rosene, Tom McMahon
Art Director: Garen Boughesian
Copywriters: James Rosene, Kevin Botfeld


History is Watching You Watch The History Channel

These have such a freaky feel to them. Copy reads, "History has never felt so closely watched."

Agency: Lowe Porta, Chile
Creative Directors: Kiko Carcavilla, Pablo Gallardo, Mariano Pérez
Art Director: Gonzalo Navarro
Copywriter: Hernán Ramos