Superbad is Supergood

I checked out Superbad last night with a couple friends. Just about every living thing I had talked to in the past week said it was hilarious, so I knew going in that I was gonna get my $11 worth of laughs and I wasn't disappointed. The movie was funny from beginning to end.

The plot line was simple, a couple of high school kids trying to get beer and be the heroes of a party, so it was easy to just get lost in the insanity and enjoy the ride. What also made the movie enjoyable was that basically all of the cast was virtually unknown actors, so you didn't have to watch the same Hollywood comedian do his same normal types of jokes and acts. It was all fresh, with a bunch of great one liners and unexpected craziness. I definitely recommend Superbad to anyone who wants to relive their teenage years a little bit and have a few laughs.


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