When Viral Video Goes Too Far

Watch the news clip above, and then continue reading below.

By now I hope you've realized that this is a viral ad and you can customize it to include any body's name and a personal message. I'm usually a big fan of customizable viral advertising attempts. They are usually fun, interactive and in a way bring people together. This one for the TV series Dexter, however, has a different feel. It came up with a few coworkers today, and we after sending a few around, it brought up a few questions. Not everyone got the joke and some were even offended to see their name written in blood.

This video was done so well, that it does feel real and scare you. What if this video reached someone who wasn't aware that things like this could be fake, and called the police in fear that she was on a serial killers list? Or what if life imitated art and someone used these things to plan their own serial killer hit list?

I think this was a perfect viral effort for the show it's advertising, but I also think the producers should have that a little about the moral issues with it and the repercussions it could cause. What do you think?

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