Y'all Overload

Last night I went with my little Texas friend to a party that consisted 99.999% of University of Texas Creative Advertising (one of the best advertising portfolio programs in the country) graduates. Everyone there was extremely creative and artsy. I was blown away by all the cool shoes people had on. Even my kicks took a back seat to some of the others there. It was cool to be surrounded by lots of people who are all young creatives working (or trying to work) in the city. Conversations consisted mostly of things like, "what agency do you work for...what's your best campaign...what shoes are those?" Definitely a fun time. I do have to tell y'all, though, being around tons of Texans is odd because they say y'all alot. Y'all don't even understand. Catch y'all later.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    btw... we had people from pennsylvania there too.