Let the Shoe Wars Begin

Having a brand new full-time job has its benefits (think constant inflow of funds, dough, cash, money, etc.), having that job be an art director position, and having a friend who enjoys classic kicks as well (see salsa dancing with Maria from Peru) all means that I gotta have the craziest, most stylish shoes out there. So, I went on a little shopping spree in these last few days, and what I found was a bunch of classic kicks with insane graphics and features, along with a BOGO 1/2 off sale at Footlocker. What I went with was a pair of blue suede Pumas and a pair of out of control Nikes (yea, that's a reflector). So, Thelonious, you may have your electric silver pair of Adidas, but now I have these babies. Whatcha gonna do bout it?

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