Omino Bianco is Great for Keeping Memories Alive

Copy reads, "Your clothes are full of memories, take care of them with Omino Bianco laundry detergent.” I kind of like the idea, because it's true that you have memories with your clothes. I think they should have chosen a more memorable experience to portray. I don't think anyone would really remember their trip to the Brooklyn Bridge just by the clothes they were wearing that day. They should have chose an event you specifically get dressed up for, such as prom or Christmas with your family. But this ad is from Italy, so maybe a trip to New York City is a bit more memorable for these clothes.

Agency : Publicis, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Alasdhair Macgregor-Hastie
Art Director: Patrizia Modena
Copywriter: Cinzia Crociani
Photographer: Giovanni Altana


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