NYC Subway Hero Does Good

Who knew saving someone's life could get you so much stuff? Wesley Autrey, the New Yorker who saved a man from being hit by a subway train in January, is featured in a new colon cancer PSA campaign. Autrey is part of the radio spots, taxi ads and wouldn't ya know it, subway ads. This isn't the only thing the hero has gotten with his newly found fame. He was a guest at President Bush's State of the Union address, is scheduled to appear on Oprah and Chrysler is giving him a custom built Jeep. I think I'm going to go wander the streets of Manhattan now, looking for someone who needs a good life saving.



  1. You're wrong. This guy has been completely fucked over by everyone who's gotten near him. He lost his job, his time is not his own because he is expected to make so many public appearances, someone screwed him out of the rights to his own life story, he had to pay his own expenses for his trip to Washington. He can barely afford his own legal fees, much less the taxes on the "free" jeeps he got from Chrysler and Deal or No Deal. Poor fella. No good deed goes unpunished.

  2. I agree all of that seems pretty horrible. All the more reason he should have taken the $305,000 on Deal or No Deal.

  3. While casting aspirations on this man one should know facts before speaking. Mr. Autry is embattled in a lawsuit with his lawyer/agent regarding a contract dispute. Said dispute allow these "crooks" to fifty percent of Mr. Autry earnings. Therefore if Mr. Autry one a million dollars he would allow receive 250k after Sam and these "crooks" took their bounty. If he settled on 300k, he would walk away with approximately 75k, which sounds like good money, but would you want to give away 75k to a bunch of vultures who feed off your newfound celebrity. True this gentleman has made some bad decisions (first appearing anywhere near that clown who calls himself "president of the united states") but the decision to present these crooks with their cut of the purse which amounts to approximately 7 dollars was genius. Know the facts!!