People Watching

I decided to spend today in Washington Square Park reading and people watching, quite possibly my favorite pastime. I took the subway over to the village and made my way to the park. Along the way I grabbed some lunch, a nice grilled panini did just fine. I found a nice park bench opposite a harmonica equiped man serenading passers-by. He liked to call out to random women, dogs and babies. The dogs and babies talked back, the women not so much.

The park was full of photo shoots today for some reason. Just down from me was a crew shooting an older man dressed in a nice suit. I'm not sure what the phot
os were for, but they seemed pretty pointless. The crew consisted of about 10 guys, but most were just standing around eating the free donuts. One guys job was solely to tuck the models shirt in for him and make sure his jacket was laying right. The only guys that seemed essential to the production were the photographer and the computer guy.After a solid three hours of people watching and reading, I headed uptown for a second lunch with the roomates. We hit up a Sushi place that was pretty good. I headed back to the subway afterwards, heading back home. I took a few shots along the way, pictured here.

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