Big Up to Brooklyn

After weeks and weeks of searching for a place to live in New York City, I have finally found one. Very randomly, and very conveniently, I ran into a friend's sorority sister on a subway platform. She just happened to be moving out of her place, making just enough room for me to move in. Five days later, I was all moved in to Brooklyn and living with two fellow PSU alumni.
Driggs Ave is the new home base, just one short block from Bedford Ave. It's a great location and short commute to Manhattan for work. Above is the view from our stoop. Just down the street is the subway stop that will wisk me off to Manhattan every day.
On the first night, there was a two car accident right out front of our building. The three of us did the typical accident gawking thing. We ran outside, along with half of the
neighborhood, to watch as NYPD secured the area and NYFD helped the people involved. As far as we could tell, one car ran a stop sign causing another to side-swipe him. Damage was pretty bad and they got out the 'jaws of life' to cut away the driver's door and get him out.
After the excitement, I returned to continue unpacking. Around midnight I heard a steady dripping sound inside my room. I looked up to pleasantly find that my room came equiped with a waterfall! How charming. Apparently, a pipe had broken up there, also kill
ing the hot water for a couple days, and the dripping happens every so often. After securing the stereotypical bucket underneath the leak, we called the super to get him to fix it. That night was spent waking up every few hours to empty the bucket so that it wouldn't overflow onto the floor. Needless to say, I overslept a few times on that one.
The next day, however, the leak was fixed and hot water was restored. I finished my unpacking and snapped a few shots of my breathtaking view, pictured above. So the room is all set up, and the summer is ready to get started. I'll try to make updates as much as possible as exciting things happen. Stay tuned!

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