Shedwa Weekly Roundup: My Favorite Podcasts

Welcome to Shedwa's Weekly Roundup!  This week I've pulled together some of my favorite podcasts.  These podcasts aren't necessarily design related, but I listen to them regularly, very much enjoy them, and gain lots of information from each episode.

Nerdist -  Host Chris Hardwick interviews a wide range of guests from Conan O'Brien to The Muppets.  Themes range from comedy to movies to pop culture to all things nerdy.  Very entertaining.

Eventual Millionaire - Interview series with highly-successful individuals.  Great insight into the minds and strategies of millionaires, with a focus on educating and encouraging people who want to be successful.  I find this podcast very interesting and inspiring.

This American Life - Famous NPR radio program with a wide range of themes.  Extremely well produced, always entertaining, and very informative.  One of my most enjoyable podcasts.

The Dave Ramsey Show - The podcast of the wide-reaching radio show of the same name.  Dave Ramsey offers simple personal finance device, such as how to get out of debt and stay out of debt.  Great reinforcement for living a successful financial life.

The Clark Howard Show - The podcast of Clark Howard's radio and TV show.  Clark takes calls from people dealing with all sorts of finance-related issues, from claiming a refund to booking a cheap flight.  Great tips and tricks for getting the most out of your money.

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