Empire State - A Love Story (or Not) Book Review

I want to share a quick review of a graphic novel I recently read.  The book is Empire State - A Love Story (or Not) by Jason Shiga.  Empire State follows the path of two friends, Jimmy and Sara, as they navigate the changes in their relationship while Sara moves to New York and Jimmy remains in Oakland.  Jimmy embarks on a bus trip across the country to visit Sara, and eventually finds Sara in New York, immersed in a new life.

I very much enjoyed the book, and it was a super fast read.  I read all 144 pages in one sitting.  The illustration style is fun and unique, and the story is entertaining.  I especially enjoyed the illustrations on the large, full-spread splash pages, as well as the random placement of the comic book cells, and the geeky humor sprinkled throughout the pages.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who appreciates graphic novels and is looking for a fun, light-hearted story.

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