Sony Shoots Next Commercial

Word on the street is that Sony will be shooting it's next commercial tomorrow, March 9th in Miami, Florida. This spot will feature some sort of foam bubbles around the city. The shoot is not for BRAVIA this time, but rather Sony's digital imaging range. It will still be created by Fallon, who has done the previous BRAVIA spots included Balls, Paint and Play-Doh and the series has turned into an event for each commercial to be released. This time around, Ruth Speakman of Sony will be Twittering the Foam City. Her live updates will begin tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to see how this latest installment turns out.

UPDATE: Now with the below photos from the shoot.

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  1. There's some sneaky photos taken at the shoot of Foam City yesterday posted here to satisfy some of your curiosity. I can't wait either!