Stuff You Might Like 3: Read Up On It

In this week's edition of Stuff You Might Like, I've featured some books that I've read that I think are good reads for any advertising person.

Hey Whipple Squeeze This - This was one of my text books during my advertising studies in college. It's an easy read, and covers the various trials and tribulations of creating ads in this crazy business.

Hoopla - I haven't read this one, but I flipped through it and was intrigued. It comes from the people at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, so it's gotta be dynamite.

Cutting Edge Advertising - This was one of my favorite reads. It features great, full-color ad samples and lots of good insights and stories of the industry. This one got me through my first internship in creative advertising.

Check back each Monday for a new Stuff You Might Like edition.

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