Ariel Shows How Disturbing Teenage Love Is

What the hell is going on here? Are kids really creepy little stalkers like this commercial suggests? Who actually collects discarded food from their crushes? I can remember when I was in Middle School I kept love letters and phone numbers, but pizza? Straws? Why not just go gather her fingernails after she cuts them while you're at it. Either Ariel missed the boat on this one, or I'm completely removed from the teenage love trends.

Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creatives: Gaston Bigio, Jonathan Gurvit, Natalia Gioiosa, Pato Gómez, Gabriel Huici, Jorge Ponce Betti, Ignacio Zuccarino, Daniel Fierro
Director: Martin Hodara
Production: Palermo Films



  1. ha! i HAVE to comment on this. i knew a girl in high school... YES high school that kept a bag of air that was around her crush. it was insane... she was insane... but the whole thing was quite amusing :) i think ariel's right on... but for the teenagers, not the parents who will actually buy the stuff.

  2. Ha...a bag of air? That's pretty intense.

    Good point about the parents. I think the tagline should have been something like, "Your kids are weird. Try to keep them clean."

  3. A bag of air, Intense? Listen to this one: When I was in high school a girl in my class used to cut out pictures out of magazines of eyes, hair etc..that resembled her boyfriend's. Then she would 'collage' them together.. She also kept a detailed plan of how to get to his house. Creepy! (I wonder were she ended up though...)

    Exellent tagline! "Kids have dirty little minds, keep 'em clean"