Marsh Puts the Twin Towers in the Eyes of Their Ads

I've seen these new ads for Marsh throughout the NYC subways recently, and didn't pay them much attention, besides wonder what the hell they were talking about. I figured I don't know much about investing, so risk doesn't mean much to me. But now, the ads are stirring a bunch of controversy after people started seeing The World Trade Center's twin towers in the eyes of the models in the ads.

Now, I'm sure the reflections are just a product of the lighting and not done intentionally, but Marsh did lose almost 300 employers on September 11th. If your company has that much of a tie to that day and that tragedy, then I think you should have caught this before these ads went out. If for nothing else, then to avoid this type of media attention and grief for the families of the victims. The New York Post has an article on the issue today, and I just saw a promo for a piece that will air on tonight's Fox 5 News at 10.

Agency: Ogilvy



  1. yes it's clear that these two light beams are the twin towers. i mean what else could they be?! even if they aren't I don't think it's appropriate two have imagery showing two rectangular objects side by side.

    i was actually born with two penises and my wife lovingly refered to them as "the twin towers". after the attacks I had to cut on off to avoid offending anyone.

  2. i can't even take a crap anymore. when i see two turds sitting in the bowl next to each other it brings me to tears.

  3. I'm not going to remove your comments, because I believe in free expression, but those are pretty inconsiderate things to say. Find some respect.