Budget Hotel Needs Budget Ads

I like these student ads from VCU Adcenter. The lines are well written, and the whole 'ad printed on newspaper' thing screams budget hotel. I only wish they would have actually made these ads and photographed them, rather than Photoshop the letters.

School: VCU Adcenter, USA
Creative Director: Rick Boyko
Art Director: Jared Creason
Copywriter: Brandon Willingham

UPDATE: The website for this hotel is insane. It shows a lot of the past advertising, most of which are short videos, some horrifying. It makes me wonder whether this place actually exists. It may just be a fake place created for the sole purpose of making strange ads.


  1. at first I thought the headlines were great--and they are. But, I checked out the Hans Brinker website to see if this place was for real--and it had their advertising campaign on it. Ads that say things like "NOW, with even more dogshit in the main entrance." Once you look at that, somehow the concept of making the place sound cheap and shitty to draw people in doesn't seem as smart or orignal.

  2. Wow...yea, that is a crazy website with some crazy past ads. Do you think they are all student made? Is the whole hotel a fake, just to be used as a project?