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This is the Shedwa Super Bowl XLI Live Blog. Your one-stop shopping for all of this years Super Bowl commercials. Check back after each commercial break for updates, and refresh your browser often.

So, that was the second quarter, everyone. I'm exhausted and so is my girlfriend, who was kind enough to take notes on each spot so I could keep up. We have a pizza waiting and a half-time show to watch, and I'm not sad to say I am giving up on this whole Super Bowl XLI Live Blog. Check out AdRants who is posting very frequently on some of the spots, and enjoy the game.

Spot: Never Tried It
Brand: Coke
Rating: 8/10
This isn't a brand new spot, but I like it none the less.

Spot: Enjoy the Game
Brand: Doritos, Lays and Tostitos
Rating: 7/10
Nice spot with a meaning behind it.

Spot: Trailer
Brand: Wild Hogs
Rating: 2/10
Another movie trailer. Another movie I will not be seeing.

Spot: We're Obsessed with Quality
Brand: GM
Rating: 8/10
There's something I like about this ad, I just don't know what it is.

Spot: Heart Attacks
Brand: American Heart Association
Rating: 6/10
Nice, and the brick imprint at the end is a nice touch.

Spot: The Face Slap
Brand: Budlight
Rating: 3/10
I don't really get it.

Spot: Clothes
Brand: Chevrolet
Rating: 3/10
I guess this one was from some sort of user competition. Not that great, but I like that they threw the Naked Cowboy in there.

Spot: Checkout Girl
Brand: Doritos
Rating: 8/10
Another of the Doritos user created ads. I like this one the best out of the lot.

Spot: Darts
Brand: CareerBuilder.com
Rating: 9/10
I really like how they took their tagline and blew it out into a really big idea.

Spot: Maposaurus
Brand: Garmin
Rating: 7/10
I already posted about this one last week.

Spot: Dalmations
Brand: Budweisser
Rating: 5/10
Not the best I've seen from Budweisser, but it was alright I guess.

the first quarter...

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