AM New York Attacks Ads

Today's AM New York has an article about the increasing ad coverage of buildings around New York City. The article makes some good points, "...living anywhere in Manhattan will be as overstimulating as camping out in Times Square."

In other places, however, it is more opinionated, "The next wave we are seeing is imprisoning your attention so you don't have the option of changing the channel. Whether it's emblems on elevator doors, sidewalks or even eggs, companies literally want you to have no choice but to look." I have to disagree here. I think media planners are just finding ways to better reach their target and communicate to them more directly. What do you think?

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  1. i concur. It's no longer about the medium. It's about the idea and brands that are blessed with a strong creative team and open minded clients will be the true benificiaries. We all know there is too much crap out there. With blogs and YouTube, etc, brands are getting more and more feedback that was once out of sight/out of mind once posted.