Wonderful Wine

I had heard the stories, but could it be true? A chinese restaurant on the Upper West Side that serves unlimited free wine with your meal?

Saturday night a few friends and I decided it was time to find out if it co
uld actually be real, and oh boy was it ever. I can't remember the name of the place (many multiple glasses of wine will do that to you), so I will let you all figure that out for yourselves as we did. All I can say is that the restaurant is located at 81st and Amsterdam and is well worth the journey. Once you find this holy grail, here are a few tips for maximizing your wine intake as we did:

1. While you wait to be seated, ask for your first glass of wine. They will love to give it to you.

2. Don't let any opportunity to raise a toast pass you by. We toasted to everything from a great story told to someone finishing a glass of free wine.

3. Do not start eating until everyone at your table has been served. This is not only good manners, but a key ingredient to hundreds of glasses of free wine.

4. Eat very slowly, and share food with others at your table. This way, the staff will think you are just very hungry and can eat for hours.

5. Ask for chopsticks half way through your meal and refuse to eat another bite until they are given to you. Definitely, however, down a few more glasses of free wine while you wait.

6. Make sure that every table in the restaurant has changed parties before you even think about leaving. If a group has been there since you arrived, there is no way you can let them last longer than you. This is a great strategy and motivator.

7. Ask for a dessert menu. (The restaurant does not have one, but this will buy you some time.)

8. Don't let the waiter asking you to leave deter you. You are on a mission and nothing can stop you. I mean, come on, it's free wine!

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