Relieving Yourself is Fun

Needless to say, after too many glasses of free wine to count, I had to make a pit stop on the subway ride home. Where better to go than a bar? To my pleasant surprise, while standing at the urinal something magical began to happen. A little sticker in the urinal turned from black to a message, oh amazing advertising! This would have been enough for me, but oh no. Above the urinal was another ad for the movie giving you tips on how to better aim at the ad in the urinal. Very nice work whomever you are, very nice. Oh, the ads are for the new Van Wilder movie; "The Rise of Taj" which will probably suck. It's 'only in theatres' which basically means 'this movie sucks and will not sell a single DVD so we aren't even going to make them, bootleggers welcome'.

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