Sean Lennon 'Friendly Fire' Review

This morning on the subway ride to work, I listened to the new Sean Lennon album, 'Friendly Fire', in its entirety. There are only 10 tracks on the album, totaling only 37 minutes of playtime. It's a quick listen, but worth a half-hour of your life. Many of the tracks sound the same, with the same tone of voice and similar instruments used, but each song on its own is melodic and soothing. A few tracks, such as 'Tomorrow', remind me of a lullaby. Only one track, 'Parachute', made me want to listen to it again. Overall, I would say take a listen to this album and decide for yourself whether you want to give it 1 Star or 5 Stars in your iTunes. I'm giving it 3 Stars.

UPDATE: The track 'Spectacle' was left off my original list. After listening to the song, it is another stand-out on the album. Still going with 'Parachute' as my favorite though.

Here is the video for 'Parachute':

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