The Evolution of a Blog

So being without a job and very poor has given me the chance to get even further pulled into the blogging phenomenon. Up until this point, my blog has really just been a way for me to share my experiences and photos with friends, but that's about to change.

I've changed the URL and the blog name, and I plan to include more postings about things happening in pop culture and advertising, things that I find very entertaining and fun to keep up with. I'll still be posting my photography and stories from time to time, I'm just adding a new dimension to the blog.

So, I hope you all enjoy it and please leave me comments, criticisms and suggestions. Without those, I have no way of knowing who is reading and what they want more of. Hell, there's probably only one person reading, and it's the same person writing.


  1. you should write about me on your site and how cool i am :)

  2. If you would have posted as yourself and not anonymous, maybe I would.