Dear YouTube: No, well maybe yes

So YouTube has created a new feature called 'Branded Channels'. Just the first step in advertising taking over one of the most particapatory sites online, YouTube. It was bound to happen, and I'm torn because my ties to advertising think this is a good thing because it's a step toward YouTubers making money through the site. On the other hand, YouTubers don't use the site to make money, they use it to express themselves and entertain others, hence the slogan, 'Broadcast Yourself'.

Maybe it's just the first branded channel, Paris Hilton, that doesn't fit with YouTube. Anyone who spends more than ten minutes on the site can figure out that the heart and soul of YouTubers aren't listening to 'Stars are Blind'. And why is her channel 'brought to you by Prison Break'? This just totally ruins the credibility of my previous post!

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