Announcing the Redesigned, Revamped Shedwa

It is with much excitement that I announce the redesign and relaunch of Shedwa!

I founded this blog nearly four years ago as I transitioned from college to New York City and prepared to professionally enter the design field.  The blog served as my personal forum to critic design, document experiences as I began a life in New York, and simply share unique findings from the web.

Shedwa started with the simplest of intentions.  My initial audience consisted of friends and colleagues, and the blog received little more than ten visitors each day. As my postings increased, however, the Shedwa audience grew. Within a few months, the blog was receiving thousands of visitors each week. Shedwa gained followers and the pressures to keep the blog thriving became heavy. My focus transitioned from the content to the management of the site itself.  The time commitment to post several times each day became overwhelming and ultimately led to my virtual abandonment of the blog.

Recently, I began to reconsider my blog. As I became involved with social media such as Twitter, I felt that I once again had something to say, and I knew exactly where I could say it: on Shedwa.  I decided to give the blog a face-lift and return it to its roots as a content driven blog.  I have done my best to redesign the site in order to showcase the content.  I have reduced the layout to its bones, removing unnecessary links and advertisements.  In the coming weeks, you will see that not only the design has changed, but also the content.  The subject of my posts will shift a bit from what this blog used to showcase.  I have been working outside of the advertising industry for the past three years, so my interest in advertising design has lessened. This blog will now focus on design in general, New York City life, and photography, which has increasingly become a passion of mine.

To anyone who read Shedwa in its early days and is still a loyal visitor, I thank you.  Seeing sincere comments on my posts and receiving feedback from all of you is very gratifying and inspirational.

Finally, I would like to thank my bride-to-be, Victoria. She was virtually this blog's first reader, and remains the biggest inspiration in my life, both personally and professionally.

Thank you.
 - Shawn

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