Another Casual Blogger Questions Himself

Hello faithful readers, casual gawkers and anyone else who may stumble upon my periodic ramblings. Well, I'll just lay it out there for all of you to read. As some of you may know, I'm a full-time Art Director and part-time blogger. This blog has been a hobby and passion of mine for almost two years straight now, fueled only by my love for all things design, advertising and New York City. I've gone through times of posting like crazy, and I've gone through times of finding myself not wanting to even think about posting things. Over the last few months, however, my time spent with this blog has been decreasing rapidly. I have less and less time to devote to the blog, and what little time I do have has been filled with my renewed interest in photography and personal design projects. At the same time, I feel a responsibility to those who still visit this blog and look for new posts and information from it.

I'm not going to make a decision quite yet, but retiring the Shedwa blog has crossed my mind more than a few times in the past weeks. I don't like the idea of no longer having a steady blog, but the amount of time and effort it takes to keep up with such a website is sometimes more than I can offer, and even comes at the expense of time spent with friends and loved ones.

Any support, criticism, advice or comments you may have as readers of the Shedwa blog would be greatly appreciated and very welcome. Hope to talk again soon.


  1. That is sad news, but I expected it somehow. There were fewer and fewer posts the past two months.
    How about ''merging'' with another creative's blog in the US? Sharing the work is half the work, they say in Dutch.
    I shall miss your posts and the creative work shown here, but, if you quit, I shall understand your decision, being a ad blogger myself. It indeed takes up a hellofalotof time & energy to do it properly. Better quit than allow Shedwa to go saur!
    Thanks & regards,
    Michael in Amsterdam

  2. Hi!

    I liked your stile and would enjoy this blog even if it is updated only once in a while. of course the focus of interest would switch from up to date news to a bigger picture, but this could be a strenght. there are too many writers out there in rapid fire mode...

    Sebastian from Munich

  3. Well, I just love your blog so... what can I say?

    I know good blogging take a lot of time, but if it´s not a pleasure for you, just take a rest. Have you thought about having just one day per week to write? Maybe it´s a way to keep it going in a nice mood.

    Well, good luck!

    Marina, from Brazil

  4. I'd second the comment about collaborating. Get together with Copyranter and a few of the other 1 or 2 person blogs and form a supergroup. Sort of the Traveling Wilbury's of ad blogs. It's worked well for sports blogs like With Leather and Kissing Suzy Kolber...

  5. I agree with some of the other posters. Collaboration blogs work well, give different view points, and leave less responsibility on a single person.

    I would look into it.

    Also, by your claim to spend more time with friends and family, I'm expecting an average of 4.5 vodka shots per week.

    dp from nyc.

  6. p.s. you did a hell of a job with this blog. I would never be able to put this kind of effort and dedication into something for 2 years straight.

    It would be interesting to see a 'best of shedwa', you could post your favorite archives posts. Following best of shedwa week you should go to Yankee stadium and during the 7th inning stretch go to the mound and take a bow. It would feel good.

  7. well, i come to this blog from time to time because i dont know any other blog with such unique collections of creative works. i'm now in the 3rd month of trying to get my blog layout done, so i feel your pain regarding time