Nocona Boots are Bad-Ass

Granted I live in New York City and haven't seen many, these are possibly the greatest cowboy boot ads I have ever seen. The illustrations are great and the scenes are very well done. Notice the tagline of each ad, "Let's Rodeo" on the giant man-ring. There's quite a few more executions over on the Nocona Boots website. If anything ever made me want to be a cowboy, it would be these bad-ass ads. Nice work, and Yee-Haw!

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  1. i have a pair of nocona cowboy boots that are amazing. I get compliments on them all the time. I've had the heels repaired a few times from wear, and after 4+ years they are now ready to be retired due to wearing out beyond repair. A great investment (though luckily my first pair were from an old roommate's throwaway pile!)

  2. There is a store in new rochelle ny where they have a lot of boots all diffrent brands great place