See New York City by Sea

This past weekend, my girlfriend and I took advantage on a sunny New York City day and took a Circle Line boat tour around Manhattan. Circle Line offers a variety of tours. They vary in length, sights to see and obviously price. Some only take you out to The Statue of Liberty, while others travel the entire distance around Manhattan.

We chose to do the 3-hour full-island cruise. It travels the entire length around Manhattan, with close-up views of The Statue of LIberty, sights in all five boroughs, travel under tons of bridges and much more. There is a tour guide on board the entire trip, pointing out sights and commenting on various things. It was a very informative and fun trip, and I definitely recommend it to anyone visiting or living in New York City.

It being December, you may wonder how the weather factors into th
e boat tour. Well, it was a very cold day, but luckily the boat had enclosed, heated areas. We did go outside a few times to get good pictures of some of the sights, but the inside was definitely a warm escape from the winds. We took well over 100 photos, but I chose a few to share with you here. Enjoy them.

There are many ways to tour New York. By bus, by helicopter, by foot, etc ... but I don't think there is anything quite like the boat tour that shows you all the boroughs and takes you into the waters that New York City thrived on for so many years. If you want to take a Circle Line cruise, they are located on The Hudson River at Pier 83 on West 42nd Street. It's very easy to get to, just walk West on 42nd Street and you will run right into Pier 83. I suggest getting there about 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure and purchasing your tickets at the ticket window to avoid online service fees. Dress warm and bring your camera. There will be tons to see and photograph. Enjoy the cruise!

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