NYC Wants You Bad

Here's some ads that are part of the new New York City tourism campaign. I like the illustrations and the idea, but I really like the commercial version, below. I love the mixture of animation, illustration and video. I wish they would have taken more of that into the print executions. Explore more about the campaign on the This is New York City website.

Agency: BBH, New York



  1. Hmmm...

    Over on Ads of the world, agency credits go to BBH. Some other place I read says the agency is NYCompany. Here, you mention Motion Theory.

    Be it as it may, I couldn't wonder about this - an ad campaign for NYC from an agency in California? LOL

  2. I got the original credit from the YouTube video, but I trust Ads of the World much more. So, I've changed the credit. Thanks for the heads up.