Heinz Ketchup Gets Twisted

Nice looking ads and a good idea to go with the copy. Good work.

Agency: McCann Erickson, London
Executive Creative Directors: Brian Fraser, Simon Learman
Art Director: Jay Phillips
Copywriter: Neil Clarke
Illustrator: John Martin


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  1. The realm of the ketchup world is known by many. People use it on their hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and much more. Ketchup is made from a tomato base and other ingredients to add flavor to our food choices. There are many companies out there that manufacture ketchup and compete against each other to sell more products. Advertising culture plays a big role in the competition. Advertising has a history, and the point of it is to let people know you have a new product and draw attention to your business. Companies compete for your attention when their products are just sitting on the shelf. You walk down the isle and are looking for ketchup, you see many different sizes and varieties. Since you can only make Ketchup so flashy it is had to overcome the last advertising logos. It is apparent that if you see something that looks better and more satisfying than another product, you will go with the sharper looking one. I personally go for the flashiest one because I figure that if the company put this effort into their advertising they must be putting the same effort into their product. The Heinz Ketchup factory is coming out with something new and improved for Ketchup lovers. They are introducing three new flavors including Ketchup with a twist of Chilli, with a twist of Garlic, and with a twist of Onion. These new products have the taste of ketchup and the twist. It is supposed to enhance the flavor of your burger or hot dog. The new advertisements for these innovations are eye catching and stand out amongst others. Heinz did a good job of proposing their product. The advertising is different from any other ketchup manufacturer and very creative. Once you see it, you stare, and you are dared to try something new. Advertising culture hasn’t changed. Companies still focus in on certain age groups to target their products to. They advertise in hopes of gaining business and progressing into the world. Heinz has done very well and is known throughout the world.