Westin Shows Us How It Should Feel

Here's a very nice campaign for Westin Hotels. In executions ranging from subway car makeovers to billboards, the campaign gets around the tagline of "This is how it should feel." The New York City subway cars interiors were made to look like the rain forest, Iceland and the Caribbean. To complete the experience, the subway tunnel walls were utilized as flip book style movies. Very nice work. You can check out more of the work at the website, as well as see the videos that were shown on the subway tunnel walls.

Agency: Deutsch

UPDATE: Gawker has a video of the subway cars, complete with passenger interviews.



  1. ha ha I just barely beat you to posting something on this. Makes me feel good so it doesn't look like I copy EVERY thing you write.

    Love your blog man, keep up the great work.
    cheers, Jeff Vincent.

  2. I stopped in mid-stride to check out their lenticulars at Grand Central.