MTV Actually References Music

I don't understand what they are trying to say with these. Are they trying to say that MTV makes everyone fans of each other? If so, then that's stupid and untrue. And since when does MTV stand for music anyways? When I think of MTV, I think of teenage girls fighting with each other and boy bands dancing in unison. Maybe if these ads showed Justin Timberlake with a "Team Britney" shirt, they would make more sense.

Art Director: Julien Hablainville
Copywriter: Julien Sens


  1. MTV the place where you'll find all kind of musicians and artists, including rival ones!? :)

  2. Yea, maybe. Even so, I still think the ads are weak.

  3. maybe it's just saying MTV is open minded...

    you can love what you want even if you're not suppose to.

    Maybe MTV is trying to change its image, and not be only a "teenage girls fighting and boys bands" TV channel...

    I think it's a good concept... the photoshop work is not good but the idea is here.