A Little Yankee Entertainment

So, I've been along for the bumpy ride the Yankees have been taking me on this year. Sometimes they are playing like pros, other times they should let the bat boy hit clean-up. And in the last few weeks I've been watching the ESPN mini-series The Bronx is Burning. If you're a Yankee fan and know some of the history of the team, it's a very entertaining show. If you have no clue what The Reggie Bar is, then you probably won't be interested.

Anyways, all of this Yankee entertainment brought me back to this old Brisk Iced Tea commercial. I loved it then, and I still love it now. The animation and characters are fun. Maybe today's team should buy a few cases and get back to their winning ways. Let's go Yanks.


  1. Why does the Babe's NY jersey insignia go missing by the end of the commercial?? It seems like Reggie's gets smaller too.

  2. The Babe's NY actually is never there. This is because back when he played, there was no NY on the jerseys.

    As for Reggie's, I see where it goes missing, but I think it is just because of the camera angle.