Terra Parental Control is Great

I think these ads are great. Copy reads, "Don't let anyone break into your kids world. Terra Parental Control. Safe surfing for your children. Control access to websites. Monitors chatrooms." I love the art direction and the worlds they created. Great message, too.

Agency: DDB, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Directors: Sergio Valente, Julio Andery
Creative Director: Felipe Cama
Copywriters: Marcio Fritzen, Felipe Cama
Art Directors: Bruno Oppido, Gilberto C. Barros
Photographer: Ricardo Rojas
Illustrator: Up Ilustracao
Account Supervisors: Jose Boralli, Danilo Ken, Thelma Mayr
Advertiser's Supervisor: Alexandre Cardoso


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  1. I strongly believe that only a combination of educational-guide tool and parental involvement is still the most effective way to keep our kids safe online…

    Internet is the ‘’today’’ part of new technologies and like any powerful tool of nature, has to be managed and accessed properly to get real benefits out of it.

    That’s why we created AxylomClass ® a 2nd generation of Internet parent control software based on an innovative approach without exploiting standard technological filter, spying methods or censure approaches but with a Trust mode of navigation to develop a real parent-child communication.

    AxylomClass ® lend a hand as parent to develop and to sustain self-governance, ethical and critical attitudes from yours children electronically connected to the world with a solid control on Internet clutter by creating your Private Internet (Virtual Library).

    Finally, to give them a reason to push aside all of that clutter and focus on reaching their true potential at home, in school and beyond

    Yvon Brousseau