Mountain Dew Green Label Art Looks Great

Mountain Dew has released a series of limited-edition aluminum bottles designed by various artists and designers, called Green Label Art. The promo's microsite is pretty cool and has galleries from the artists, videos and all of the bottles of course. Check out all of the bottles, they are each well designed and worth a look. You can see most of them in the video below.

All of the bottle designs are pretty great, but if you think you can do better, then you're in luck. There's a contest to design the final bottle of the collection. Entries will be accepted until June 30, and consumer voting will begin July 1 to narrow the competition down to a final 10. From there, the other Green Label artists will pick the winner, and award him/her $10,000 along with producing their bottle design. Good luck!


  1. Thats really good. Some awesome designs. I love this kinda stuff, unique, inspiring, individual.

    Mark Bowness

  2. I have a design called "dewbubbbles" and would really appreciate some votes. Thanks!