Manchester Beer Makes Hot Girls Buff

These ads are a little strange. The first time glancing at them, I didn't even notice the message they were trying to send. I just saw some pretty faces and large chests; typical of beer advertising. But after a second look, I saw the muscular arms. Then the ads kinda made sense, but still didn't stand out as brilliant. They're just weird beer ads, but at least they tried to do something different.



  1. Kinda makes you not want to go to Manchester becaise now, because of Boddingtons you have to run from both the chavs and the birds :-)

  2. ??what does it want to say? The beer could make you strong? while, it's a lit bit wierd. As a girl, I won't buy this beer!


  3. shakira8023g
    The girls arms are strong because they have to pump the beer using the handle. They're saying Boddingtons is so popular that the 'pulling' arm gets strong. Hand pulled ales are very popular in British pubs.

  4. Variant on a UK beer ad from the 1960s/1970s (I think it was Worthington's, but I may be wrong): "It's what your right arm's for."

    Which was the cause of quite a bit of ribald innuendo, I can tell you.

    I don't think this campaign would translate anywhere without a strong tradition of cask-conditioned, hand-pulled ale. Essentially, the British Isles.


  5. Uhh. Is this not immediately obvious to everyone?! they have one big muscular arm...the right arm...which is the one you use to pull...draft.

  6. Wow that's sweet. I love muscular women and we have a magazine dedicated to them. Thanks for the heads up! - genex