MasterCard PayPass is Faster than a Speeding Banana

Ok, alright. Not bad. Copy reads, "Faster with MasterCard PayPass." I wonder what happens when there is a price check on aisle 1? Massive 6 produce pile-up?



  1. Hello, Great technology they've got coming out don't they? What Mastercard doesn't want you to know about are the hidden fees like interchange, that they charge stores when people use credit cards.

    The interchange fees are getting so bad that stores are forced to pass the cost onto consumers in the form of higher prices. Here's a great story out of Cali that discusses this very thing. I'm working with a coalition of merchants to let people know about these hidden fees. The technology is great but I don't like being charged a fee that I don't know about.

    Have a great day!

  2. Yea, nobody likes hidden fees.