Diesel Hopes for Global Warming this Season

Copy reads, "Global warming ready." What the hell kind of tagline is that for a clothing line? Are they actually using the threat of global warming to their advantage and try to sell more clothes? At least the art direction is amazing. I like seeing what the world might look like under water.



  1. hey, i saw the brazil ad a while back and thought, wow, what a brilliant way to exploit the current paranoia of global warming. diesel's always trying to be ahead of the game..tagging futuristic type things on a lot of their clothing. they're also pretty rebellious and probably like pissing some people off. i love the campaign...the concept is great and it's executed perfectly.

  2. Fantastic, they got right on board the global tragedy train. They found a natural disaster that is at least for now well in the future, so you don't have to think about everybody dieing. Pretty to look at though.