Crest Makes a Giant Manhattan Rent Statement

This is a good try for Crest. I like the giant letters that spell 'Manhattan' and then word 'rent' between them, but the whole thing just doesn't really do much. It kinda just sits there, trying to give you a message, but I really don't know what that messag
e is trying to say. You're never going to take the rent out of Manhattan. Crest would have done better, I think, with something more practical or true.

UPDATE: This is an extension of the print campaign, shown below.


  1. dude, are you fucking retarted, what is there to get?
    whatever is stuck in between the "teeth" is the problem that gets in the way of it being great.

    like something stuck in your teeth ruins your smile, a truck ruins sleep, rent ruins living in manhattan, etc.

    what the fuck stop trying to be intellectual and shit. because ironically it shows the opposite.

  2. Yea, I get what they are trying to do. But the fact is, you are never going to be able to take the rent out of Manhattan.

    I get your point, but using situations that you can't really change doesn't help their ads.