Reebok Wants You to Smell Garbage

This ad from the new Reebok run easy campaign was on a subway platform. It reads, "Stop and smell the garbage. Run easy NY." The whole campaign is wrapped around the idea that you should run slower and at your own pace, or easier. It's a decent campaign, but why would they want to focus on the negatives of running easy here? I don't get it. I think the next couple of NYC themed ads should read, "Let the mugger catch up to you. Run easy NY." and "There's only 500 cabs running you down. Run easy NY."


1 comment:

  1. maybe it is because of associations... everyone in the u.s. (other than new yorkers) finds this ad hilarious and positions reebok well against achievement-obsessed ny residents and the similar nike position.

    just an inkling.