Design Your Own Oval Kleenex Box

Kleenex is brilliant. Well, someone that works for them is anyways. They've come up with a whole new box design (it's oval and very nice), and right along with it they've rolled out a design your own snot box option. You can design them however you want (even upload pictures), then the kind Kleenex folks will print it out, put it together and send it your way for only $4.99.

I think this is a great idea, and has so many applications. Brand your company's tissue supply, create a touching Mother's Day gift, or hell, you can write "Sorry, I'm breaking up with you." on the box, send it to your girlfriend, and she has tissues right there to ball her eyes out into. Whatever the case, a custom designed Kleenex box is sure to get the job done. Two enthusiastic thumbs up, Kleenex.

UPDATE: My company designed and ordered a few boxes of these, and they just arrived. I have to say, even as an art director working in a printing studio, I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the printed boxes. They are perfect. It's going to be hard to throw the empty boxes away after I use up all the snot rags.

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