Smartwater Drives the City

I saw this Smartwater van driving down 34th Street in New York City the other day. It was blasting music from speakers on the roof, and getting a lot of attention. I like the idea, basically a moving billboard, but the music thing could have been better. They were playing basically just Hot 100 hits, but it would have been better to play like soothing music or something that is more relevant to Smartwater. Why do something different like this if you're not going to pull out all the stops and make it great?


  1. what music would you choose for them to play instead?

  2. hmmm...I don't really know, I'm not a Smartwater drinker, so I am not closely tied to the brand...but I would say something more soothing or refreshing, maybe even instead of music it could have been sounds of nature or something, like waterfalls and rainforests...something that really catches people off guard in such a busy city