Prison Break Star Hides in Gap Ad

I spotted this Gap ad on the side of a New York City bus today. What struck me was one of the models. It's Wentworth Miller, the Prison Break star. He's the second from the left. Are the other models people I should recognize, or was Wentworth a Gap model before he became the an escaped convict?


  1. hi,
    i've never seen a bus ad of gap, let alone wentworth's pic on a bus! (i don't suppose the bus ad is going to continue until may, when i might visit n.y. :p)
    i hope you don't mind using your post in my korean blog. if you do, just let me know and i'll remove it. my blog is

  2. It may still be up, they seem to be slow to change these things. This is the only one I've seen so far.

    You're definitely more than welcome to use my post on your blog. Sharing information is what blogging is all about.

  3. The one on the is like actor Chris O'Donnell. Third one in is singer Chris Brown and the one on the far right is actor Daniel Dae Kim from Lost.

  4. Oops, meant to say "The one on the left is actor Chris O'Donnell."

  5. Ah, yes. Now that you say that I recognize them. Good work. Anyone know who the guy in the stripes is?