New York Magazine Highlights Ad Agency, Gawker Makes Fun

Gawker points out that New York magazine is doing a photo essay featuring various industry offices around New York City. One of the companies included is Publicis, and it appears someone within the agency leaked this inter-office memo about the day:

"The essay is meant to be an anthropological study of office life, and in our case, a creative working environment in New York, the city that never sleeps. NY Magazine wants to give their readers a sense of the culture and the people, from the receptionist to the mail room and office services department, to the Creative Department, the Engagement Planners, the Account Groups, to the Chief Executive and Creative Officers...and will be doing this at several New York companies representing several different industries. Everyone should know that the NY Magazine photographer will be here TOMORROW all day long, walking around, shooting "fly on the wall" style, hoping to catch very NATURAL shots of a day in the life of a New York Advertising Agency. Here are some things to keep in mind. Try not to pay attention to the crew...or play to the camera...unless you are asked to. As for dress code, that's up to you ...but remember, you (and that outfit) just might make it into the pages of a future New York Magazine!"

Gawker took it upon themselves to include a photo of Publicis EVP, Executive Creative Director Eric Cosper and instruct him how to act, "Act natural, Eric Cosper! Yeah that's right. Just like that. Yeah, Baby."

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