Greenpeace Tries to Make Kleenex Cry

Most of you have probably seen the current Kleenex Let It Out campaign where they have a guy sit in public spaces with a comfy couch and passers-by sit down to let it all out. Well, the thing was in Times Square over the weekend, and Greenpeace decided they had a few things to say to Kleenex. Activists posed as people wanting to share their stories, but when they got on the couch they revealed they were most upset with Kimberly-Clark for not using recycled fiber in Kleenex. Greenpeace topped off their stunt with a giant banner promoting their own site, Kleercut. Something tells me we won't see these stories in the Kleenex commercials anytime soon.



  1. shedwa, very interesting post! adarthurity loves your shigitz!

  2. Thanks, Arthur. I checked out your site and like what I see. I'll definitely be back often.

  3. Great video and thanks for letting us know about this. I had NO idea! I did a quick search online and found the www.stopkleenex.com website chock full of information about how Kimberly-Clark is destroying magnificent ancient forests all over the world but especially in Canada to make toilet paper and facial tissue. Its crazy that a product that we use once and then flush is being made from forests 10,000 years old that are clearcut!

    These are the same forests that help prevent global warming. That's the last time I buy Kimberly-Clark.. We all need to boycott this company and start shopping smarter and end our support for these enviro villains. -

    Check it all out at www.stopkleenex.com

  4. I can't believe it! I use Huggies diapers made by Kimberly-Clark for my 1 year old son and the last box I bought is the last box I will ever buy. I won't support a company with my hard earned dollars that is destroying old growth forests... its despicable that a company would do that instead of using paper made from recycled material.

    I googled "Kleercut" and there's a ton of info about this company including an article on CNN Money about how they lied to their shareholders. I knew some big company's wre bad but I never though that about Kleenex and Kimberly-Clark.

    You can bet I'll me telling my fellow Moms about this one!

  5. Nice job! And, by chance, today I'm wearing my Cleercut T-shirt. Greentings from the also threatened forests of the Amazon!

  6. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed watching it. It's fun and inspiring to see Greenpeace in action.

  7. go greenpeace! keep changing the world!
    p.s. who was the hot, blond guy in the beginning of the video?