Pepsi Wants You to Design their Billboard

Pepsi wants you to be there next Times Square billboard creator. To promote their new can designs, they are holding a contest in which you can enter to have your own can design featured on a billboard in Times Square in April. I've played around with the site a bit, and it seems more like an online coloring book than a full blown 'Design Our Billboard' contest.



  1. Is this consumer generated trend completely tired yet?

  2. I happened to find out about this promotion on a billboard of all places while taking the Union Pacific Metra out of Chicago... I just wished the "Use your own" template download and upload features actually worked. Still managed to get two designs in otherwise using the cheesy flash interface. It seems a bit hokey, but hey any chance of exposure might make my B.A.S. Graphic Arts more useful than it currently is. (Cursed catch-22 experience situation!)

    ...Anyhow I ran into this blog while trying to find out more about that silly contest. (Like where to get the template, since their download doesn't work)

    Now back to the maze to find my cheese...

  3. Ooops... Just looked. Different contest, but similar interface scheme. The can contest is www.designourpepsican.com. But getting the "use your own" page to work seems iffy. Not sure if it's a browser thing or a flash thing.

  4. Yea, this is one of the weaker user-generated things I've seen. Why even spend the time developing such a contest when you can only use their templates and all of the entries are going to be so similar?