Create an Entry for the Create Awards

Do you create? Do you want to be rewarded? Of course you do, fool. Get the recognition you deserve by entering The 2007 Create Awards. Create Magazine is awarding professionals and students working in advertising, graphics, film, photography, etc. Top prize? None other than a once-in-a-lifetime prize for the creative professional; a $30,000 Dream Studio Prize Package. What the hell is that? It's a shit load of products from industry-leading companies including: Adobe, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, NEC Display Solutions, Alienware Computers, Wacom Technologies, Digital Tutors, SoftImage (a Division of Avid), Iomega, Wiredrive, Microtek, Inovartis, LensBabies, E-Frontier, Spam Cube, AutoFX, Corel, Pantone, Tivity Software, and Extensis.

Even if you don't come out on top, you still have a chance of winning some cool stuff. The entries don't start till March 15, so even if you've never done anything in your life, you can come up with something between now and then. Still not sold on entering? I've got nothing else to say to you, fool.

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